Shila Pratt Photography

 Jordan + Juan



Page, AZ // Jordan reached out to me after she saw photos I had taken of her friends surprise pregnancy announcements. We met at this cute little brunch spot and automatically hit it off. Not only were they super kind and warm, but man were they in love with each other. Not only that, but her love for Horeshoe Bend was apparent from the second she mentioned eloping and taking me with them. At this time, I hadn’t been too keen to the “heights” idea in my personal life, so the Grand Canyon wasn’t exactly on my do-do list. (Right? A 30 year old who hasn’t been to the damn Grand Canyon?)

My husband and I decided to buy a bus, convert it into living quarters on wheels, and turn the trip into an adventure. Of course we had to bring our Golden with us. It took us two days and an inordinate amount of stops to fix literally anything and everything that could go wrong on this damn bus. We finally make it to AZ and I automatically connect with Jordan and Juan and we set off to go tramps around some rad places. My husband went to the 8th Auto Zone to fix something else (at this point the thing was nearly brand new with parts)I even learned how to start a bus with a screwdriver underneath it.

Once we got to our first spot, the sun decided to be quite present leaving us little to no shade which was actually rad because with Jordan being so laid back it allowed me to play with my more film editing in post. I don’t always stray from my punchy colors and deep contrast, but when my couple’s are down for anything creative, I’m thankful.

We finally reached our goal destination. Horeshoe Bend. Now, when I tell you my brain wasn’t prepared for this moment, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve never seen anything like it and pictures could NEVER do it justice. It’s literally more info than my eyes could calculate into understanding. You know when you look at something and you just have no words so you shrug your shoulders and just go “I…. I don’t know”? I just kept doing that. And Jordan’s cheeky smile was so funny. She knew and now I understood her love for this place. Fear of heights begone.

They had last minute decided to say their vows back home to allow for us to have more opportunity for photos and hiking, so we stopped at one spot and I just told them to repeat them to each other quietly and in that moment, I was forever thankful to have been able to experience this. It sparked the fire that is now my passion for elopements.

At the end of the day, we all set up camp at Lone Rock beach in UT, Juan’s favorite spot. We grilled nachos, drank some whisky, and just enjoyed the moment.