Shila Pratt Photography


I’m a goofball who thrives on laughter and addicted to carrot cake. I have 4 littles who are my best friends. A husband who is probably the best human I’ve ever met. A glorious Golden Retriever. And, a duck.

I love to travel. I love to photograph emotions.My professionalism ranges from “yes ma’am no sir” to helping set up the keg stands. The roles I tend to take on on top of a photographer are vast and I pride myself in each.

In all seriousness, I love keeping things calm, fun, and emotional in the best of ways. I do my best work when you love your hardest. Just love, play, and enjoy your day. This is a memory you’ll have forever and I want to document that.

I’m also incredibly simple. Hence the short About Me.


2018-2019 Travel Dates

2018 Dec 30-Jan 2 - Indian Point, Missouri

2019 Feb 19 - 23 - Tampa, Florida

2019 March 14 - 17 - Page, Utah

2019 June 30 - July 2 - Garden City, Kansas

2019 September 5 - 8 - Estes Park, Colorado

2019 October 11 - 13 - Estes Park, Colorado

If you’re in any of these areas and want to book a session during these dates outside of my actual elopement/weddings, let me know!