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The Concinnity Workshop is a unique and adventurous photography workshop for those who want to explore , expand, and recharge your creativity.


travel . | . create . | . explore

Kristina and I have been waiting forever to let you guys in on our little unique, creative, and brutally honest friendship. It’s because of that and our love of travel, we want to put on a workshop not only to inspire creativity in your work, but inspire you to recharge and spread your adventurous wings. There is always room at our table, we just like to eat in really rad places.




Let’s go to Canada

We are so stoked to explore Canada with you guys! We are genuinely passionate about delving deep into why we started photography and sharing everything we’ve learned in our many years combined with you.

Whether you’re new to photography and interested in how we shoot, prompt, post process or are just craving an adventurous get a way to reinspire your work and soul, we have a seat for you. We will go over all of our secrets from conception to creation in all areas of our work.
Emotional prompting | editing | location scouting | community | workflow

This is going to be the journey of a lifetime and we hope you walk away with a head full of info, a heart full of memories, and a future making the kind of money doing what you love that keeps your soul in photography for the reasons you set out to do this in the first place.


The deets

We’ve both taught at workshops and attended workshops. In both areas, we’ve walked away knowing there was more to be desired. I personally enjoy the room for growth as you never want to stop taking in information and tweaking for success. In this workshop you will leave with confidence in your work and yourself as a photographer, all the information we have to share, a tribe of friends we hope stick together forever, and memories I already know none of us will ever forget. Kristina and I are kind of fun people to hang out with, just be prepared to laugh your asses off and hear a few horrible mom jokes.

This workshop will include all these goodies and possibly more! 

  1. lodging | accommodations 

  2. meals | drinks | music | jokes

  3. prompting | client interaction

  4. styled shoots with real couples | vendors that will blow your mind

  5. attracting and booking your dream client

  6. one on one mentoring

  7. branding and marketing | pushing out what you want to book in

  8. all post process editing

  9. pricing yourself for what you’re worth

  10. workflow and time-management | serving your client well

  11. open discussion on all topics you are interested in

  12. a giveaway you won’t believe

  13.   all the hangs and fun chick time

    15 tickets available
    Victoria, Canada
    April 18-21, 2019
    $750 non-refundable retainer due to book your ticket. Remainder due March 1, 2019